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Take the 30 Day Love Challenge! 

Whether you are following with us on Facebook or doing this on your own - please do the exercises below. Your 30 days can begin any time - have fun investing in your marriage relationship!

Day 1:     Post a photo of your wedding or go through your wedding pictures together.

Day 2:    Share an embarrassing or funny experience with each other.

Day 3:    Sit face-to-face looking into each other's eyes for 3 minutes - don't say a word.

Day 4:    Do something for your spouse that you've been putting off.

Day 5:    Complement each other ten times through the day.

Day 6:    Spontaneously dance with your spouse.

Day 7:    Take turns praying together before going to bed.

Day 8:    Give each other a hand or foot massage.

Day 9:    Tell each other your favorite memory.

Day 10:  Treat your spouse with something he or she likes.

Day 11:   Post your favorite photo of the two of you.

Day 12:  Tell each other "I love you" 10 times throughout the day. 

Day 13:  Go on a walk or jog together.

Day 14:  Give each other a hug for at least one minute.

Day 15:  Do a chore your spouse normally does.

Day 16:  Grab your spouse give him or her a passionate kiss.

Day 17:  Talk about your first date.

Day 18:  Cook a meal together.

Day 19:  Play a game together.

Day 20: Tell your spouse what you appreciate about him or her. 

Day 21: Share a childhood memory or hobby.

Day 22: Read 1 Corinthians 13 - the "love" chapter - together.

Day 23: Leave a love note for your spouse to find.

Day 24: Have a date night.

Day 25: Kiss each other 10 times throughout the day.

Day 26: Go to church together and hold hands during the service.

Day 27: Rub oil or lotion on each other.

Day 28: Hold hands and tell each other: "You are not my enemy, you are gift from God, and I love you."

Day 29: Do or say something funny to make each other laugh.

Day 30: Tell your spouse why you married him or her.