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  Do you know that research demonstrates that premarital counseling/education significantly improves marital satisfaction and reduces the chance of divorce? Most couples spend a lot of money on their wedding, but nothing on preparing for their marriage. The Entering Marriage premarital workbook is a great way to prepare for marriage. It is an investment into your marriage and will help you gain the knowledge and the tools to help you build a lifelong, fulfilling marriage.

Entering Marriage

Premarital Workbook


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The Bible provides the blueprint for marriage; this workbook is a guide to help you apply biblical principles to your lives and build a strong foundation for your marriage. Research demonstrates that premarital counseling/education significantly increases relationship satisfaction levels in marriage and decreases the rate of divorce. The Entering Marriage premarital workbook provides a structured format guiding you and your fiancé through the twelve studies; providing practical tools to help you prepare for a strong marriage and to face the challenges of life together.

Using the biblical principles in this manual, you will learn how to:

 • Use your differences to strengthen your relationship.

 • Set healthy boundaries to improve your life and future marriage.

 • Improve communication in all relationships

 • Understand and meet each other’s needs.

 • Manage finances together.

 • Work together as a team.

 • Grow together in intimacy.